Despite the media’s best efforts to declare the end of human doctors, it’s becoming evident healthcare professionals are integral to bringing about the AI revolution in the medical field. A deep understanding of medicine and medical systems are imperative to designing clinically relevant studies and to inform subsequent application in healthcare settings. Where many studies are very well exciting and interesting, careful thought is required if the goal is to move towards practical application. An illustration of this comes from the paper ‘CheXNet: Radiologist-Level Pneumonia…Continue Reading “The Necessity of Doctors in the AI Revolution”

With headlines such as “Your future doctor may not be human” and “The robot doctor will see you now”, the enthusiasm around artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years has been monumental. Such statements are no doubt hyperbolic but regardless there has been significant and exciting progress in recent years, particularly within the medical field. As such, it’s becoming increasingly important for the medically inclined to have some understanding of the advantages and pitfalls of AI as the technology continues to improve and moves toward implementation….Continue Reading “How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Healthcare”